Kim’s Valet Cleaners is a specialized dry cleaning, shoe repair, and alterations service with an incredible reputation. Providing the best dry cleaning Miami customers have continued to depend on, we believe in high-quality solutions to maintain your garments, rugs, and couture apparel. With a combination of passion and years of experience as a family business, we continue to deliver the trusted service standard and quality commitment our customers have come to know and love.

Kim started her career in the dry cleaning industry in 1972. Kim previously worked for an owner of a valet service drop off for three years inside a residential tower. Their services included alterations, shoe repairs, picture developing, along with maid services. The outstanding quality and excellent service provided by the business; captured the attention of residents in the building. After three years of working for the owner of this establishment, Kim decided to buy the company. Within a year to two, Kim had her sister move from NY to Fl to help her with the new business venture. Kim proceeded to open a second drop off store in 1983. Soon, Kim’s staff became overwhelmed, having to manage both clients and quality control across two drop-offs. Kim then decided to open a brand new and much bigger dry cleaning plant in 1985. It is at this time that Kim’s Valet Cleaners was founded.

Kim hired more staff to help with the large number of new clients. Kim brought on an expert to teach her and her team additional skills. The purpose was to provide an excellent service to more clients with the utmost quality. Kim learned from the best of the best on how to clean and maintain all styles of apparel. For the past 47 years, Kim has been delivering bespoke dry cleaning services. Her passion has driven her to provide nothing but excellent service to her clients. When visiting Kim’s Valet Cleaners, all clients are addressed by their names. Her clients are like family. Kim’s Valet Cleaners is entrusted to complete the dry cleaning of Miami City valet costumes and the Florida grand opera costumes for the past 30 years. Kim has been able to grow a tremendous reputation throughout the years and takes pride in her exceptional service standard she has worked so hard to achieve.

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